CfP Issue 3: Class

PRISM Journal Themed Issue Call for Papers

Education, Pedagogy and Class:

Emergent Consciousness in Learning Delivery Systems

PRISM Journal invites submissions relating to the theme of Education, Pedagogy and Class.

In this special edition, we invite you to explore the relevance of social class in contemporary education. Does the focus on individual achievement, employability, and a mirroring of traditional societal structures result in learning delivery systems that inevitably prioritise one class over another? To what extent have students and educators become neoliberal entrepreneurs of the self in this ‘new spirit of capitalism’ (Bolantski and Chiapello, 2005)? Is emancipation available only to those most able to adopt the ways of the powerful classes? If economic, social, and cultural inequality is inextricably linked to the stratification of educational attainment, how has this relationship been expressed in policy and practice? Can we produce critical, intersectional discussion of theories of the suppression, oppression, and exploitation of disempowered social groups whilst simultaneously operating within the economic structures that rely on these practices?

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