Suraiya Baghdadi

4014_443583Having worked in a range of schools, businesses and colleges for over 18 years, I have had the privilege of experiencing a wide range of teaching and learning environments. During the course of these roles I have witnessed many groups of people who have encountered unnecessary barriers to education and wider participation in society. Such events have directed me to focus my research and teaching interests from Health and Science related issues to social justice issues such as how we, as members of society, can ensure all citizens have equal access to participate in all aspects of society. Developing choices of assessments is one example of how inclusive practice has been embedded successfully through the FdA and BA Disability Studies and this shows that making reasonable adjustments need not be inconvenient or costly.

I enjoy mentoring students in research areas relating to disability and teach modules relating to Special Educational Needs, safeguarding, communication, supporting independent living and historical and international perspectives of disability as well as research. I am an active researcher, thus keeping up to date with current relevant issues and publish or present work at a professional level.

The ideal world for me is a place where everybody is given an equal opportunity to develop their strengths and identity without fear of being judged by society. My ambition is to educate and encourage critical discussion around inclusive practice so that genuine good practice is developed for the benefit of wider society.

Recent Publications & Other Research Outputs:

International Conference Presentation (2016), An evaluation of the use of Read Write Software, Hosted on behalf of Cultural and Difference and Social Solidarity Network at University Centre at Blackburn College

Researcher and editor of Home Office and European Integration Fund (EIF) research project in collaboration with Blackburn College and Blackburn with Darwen Council: Integration, Citizenship and Engaging Communities, (2015)  (a multi-facetted research including barriers to participation within education society)

University Centre at Blackburn College (2014) Workshop delivery on inclusive assessment delivered as part of Teaching and Learning Conference, UCBC

Baghdadi, S (2011), Peer Learning, Through the looking Glass, Preston: University of Central Lancashire