Sophia Deterala
Associate Editor

I am currently an associate tutor in Education Studies at Liverpool Hope University. My PhD considers complex relationships between research methodology and discourse as they play out in the context of international student-mothers. My writing reflects contemplations on philosophical treatises mainly within literary theory. I tie these to my own and other research participants’ personal experiences. However, I relate these with discourses from wider social milieus within and outside higher education – a sort of in-between analysis that includes macro- and micro-social perspectives and sociological and philosophical literature. In an article which has recently been accepted for publication in Qualitative Inquiry entitled “Hello Central, Give me Doctor Jazz:” Auto/ethnographic improvisation as educational event in doctoral supervision, I challenge not only procedural approaches to research and education but also the normalised tiers of position (and authority) amongst higher education professionals.

My research is permeated with questions related to language as I took English Language as my major subject during my Bachelor’s from the University of the Philippines. A postgraduate diploma in Literacy and Education helped develop my thinking about research in language and education. In 2015 I finished my Masters in Research in Education and Society from Liverpool John Moores University, and started thinking about and using non-traditional forms of research which involve arts and philosophy.

Currently, my substantive areas of interest include globalisation and internationalisation of higher education, motherhood and researcher subjectivities and gendered and racialised postcolonial identities.

Recent Publications & Other Research Outputs:

Deterala, S., Owen, A., Su, F., Bamber, P. and Stronach, I. (2017). “Hello Central, Give Me Doctor Jazz”: Auto/Ethnographic Improvisation as Educational Event in Doctoral Supervision. Qualitative Inquiry,

Deterala, S. (2016) ‘Spaces and Places in Higher Education: Questioning the Identities of International Student Mothers in the UK’, presented at The International Academic Forum. European Conference on Education: Education and Social Justice: Democratising Education. Brighton, 29 June – 3 July 2016.

Deterala, S. (2015) Dis/locating the self in research and art—A deconstructive gallery of representations of postgraduate international student-mothers, Masters in Research Thesis, Liverpool John Moores University.