Michael A. Elliott
Associate Editor

After studying for my undergraduate degree in Psychology from Queens University, Belfast, I continued in education studying for a Post-Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) in Secondary Science (Biology) at Hope University, Liverpool. Following my PGCE, I decided against the classroom and continued my education studies at Masters level, studying for an MRes in Education & Society from Liverpool John Moores University. During this time, and emerging from my own personal experiences, I became intrigued by the dominant discourses surrounding initial teacher training, particularly notions of professionalism & professional identity. Currently, I am a final year PhD student in Education at Liverpool John Moores University, where until recently I have been acting as Student Faculty Representative. I also run a monthly interdisciplinary Doctoral Study Group which discusses various methodological challenges & dilemmas in the conduct of social scientific research.

 My doctoral research seeks to study, ethnographically, prospective university students’ experiences, understandings and educational choices set within the context of an increasingly marketized, commodified and metricised higher education sector. Variously, my work seeks to develop understandings of the ways in which universities currently function in relation to the claim they increasingly operate in a ‘quasi-marketplace’, and how this may be contributing to a (re)shaping of the social identities & behaviours of students. Further still, I ask, how might these discourses be actively changing both the nature & role of higher education in the UK? The question which lies at the heart of this study: what is higher education (for)?

My primary research interests include, the marketisation & commodification of higher education in the UK, including issues of globalisation & massification. I am keenly interested in the increasing metrification and performance-measurement of higher education, particularly, the effects of the NSS (National Student Survey), REF (Research Excellence Framework), TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) as well as numerous Performance League Tables (i.e. The Times Higher Education Supplement, The Guardian, WHICH? University, UniStats, etc.). Secondarily, through my research, I have also developed a deep interest in post-structuralist philosophy & social theory, socio-linguistics & critical discourse analysis as theory & method, and non-traditional perspectives & approaches to research methodology & presentation, including the use of artistic forms.

Recent Publications & Other Research Outputs:

Elliott, M. (2015) Disciplining Teachers, Disciplining Identities: Discourse and Identity Construction in Initial Teacher Training, Masters in Research (MRes) Education & Society Thesis, Liverpool John Moores University

Elliott, M. (2016) Qualitative Data Analysis:…the dark arts, Paper Presented at BERA (British Educational research Association)/SERA (Scottish Educational Research Association) Data Analysis Conference (30/9/16)

Elliott, M. (2017) The Rhizome: re-thinking thought in post-structuralist educational research, Paper presented at London School of Social Studies PhD Methodology Conference (15/6/17)