Dr. Val Jessop

I am a lecturer in Linguistics at the University Centre at Blackburn College where I have worked since completing my PhD in Linguistics in 1999. I am also the Academic Subject Leader for Humanities and Social Sciences subject areas: chair of the Ethical Research Group: and I sit on the Research and Scholarship committee. I am the Programme Leader, for the B.A. (Hons) English Language and Literary Studies programme. I am also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

My research interests are primarily in Reader Response theory and Stylistics, and my PhD research involved primary research into readers’ responses to fictional point of view, an area which I am still currently researching. My role as Academic Subject Leader is concerned with raising the profile of our academic staff’s research via public-facing events such as public lectures. I work with members of the community via the Children’s University and Children’s Literature Festival, events which are intended to raise aspirations for local people and inspire a new generation of young people to achieve Higher Education awards. I am currently liaising with the UK Youth Achievement Organisation to enable us to provide opportunities for our students under the age of 25 to achieve Youth Achievement Awards for their extra-curricular activities.

I am a member of the Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) and attend International conferences. My most recent presentation for PALA presented the results of an experiment into readers’ responses to poetry, but I am also researching the language connected with dementia and the language of gendered pastimes, while continuing my reader-response research interests. I am co-author of the student text-book ‘English Language, Literature and Creative Writing: a Practical Guide for Students published by Anthem Press (2014).

Research and Scholarly Activity

‘Exploring authenticity and truth in conversation with a person with dementia’ 2016

‘Celebrity Death Match: the importance of context in interpretation’. 2015

English Language, Literature and Creative Writing: a Practical Guide for Students published by Anthem Press (2014)

Collaborative online article with Melanie Selfe from University of Suffolk discussing the delivery of HE within FE institutions – part of research for English Subject Centre. News http://www.ccue.ac.uk/

The Rhythms of passion: A workshop in Merengue exploring music and rhythmic forms in the management of clients.  Management conference, Lancaster University, July 2003

Whose viewpoint is it anyway?  Point of view, perception and response. (PALA conference, Budapest, 2001)

It’s Stylistics, Jim, but not as we know it: pedagogy and the Internet. (PALA conference, London, 2000)

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Mr. Rochester’s Lie: Character Evaluation and Plot Structure in ‘Jane Eyre’. (Bronte conference, Leeds, 1997)

Lost in Space: Spatial Point of View in Mountaineering Literature and the Non-Climbing Reader.  (PALA conference, Belfast, 1996)

‘Unsafe convictions: ‘unhappy’ confessions in The Crucible, (1994) Journal of Language and Literature, Vol. 3, 175-195